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D​.​P​.​O Singles Vol. 1 (WIP)

by D.P.O

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This is the first volume of the random single songs I have done. Most of these songs are single because they are remixes or specialty songs that I wouldn't put with other songs.


released July 13, 2016

The songs use clips and audio/influence from these people:
Trevor (ModestCube)
Ian (iDubbbz)
Hat Films
Ted (ScandinavianPrince):




D.P.O Sacramento, California

I like music. I only make music I like. If you do not like it, I hope you find something you do like somewhere else. God bless you.

P.S - If you are ever lonely, in a dark place, or just need someone to talk to, I will always reply.
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Track Name: 6Ted9 - Vanilla Cream Dream
Chorus x1:
She a fiend for vanilla cream dream x3 'nilla cream dream va-vanilla cream dream.

Verse 1:
Yeah she's a fiend for vanilla cream dream, 6ted9, I’m a wine and dine ya girl so quickly and
swiftly, got tom in the back rolling that weed, with Oliver, smokin' the dope erry' day know what
that means? No? I'll tell you later, gotta go the slap the haters. When I'm just trynna’ buy a horse,
but they call police force on me. When I see 10 actually cops, with the commissioner, I don’t know this
weed smoking Kermit frog nigga. So please back off me, I’m just trynna’ find some young black
girls, 'cuz that is my type and this world ain’t big enough for two its all me, I saw ‘em first you mad DJ? Quit eyeing me dude, you finna' touch yourself to me t'night fool.

Chorus x1:
She a fiend for vanilla cream dream x3 'nilla cream dream va-vanilla cream dream.

Verse 2:
Yeah I’m a real adult, call me a permanent lover, I am not a stalker, I’m just a sweet talker.
Come over here and sit on Teddy's lap, pretend I’m a mall Santa, and we can head back, to the
North pole, Norway, where the troll soul is so very icy cold, I need a woman to warm it up and
make it whole. Or maybe you'd like to take it out on the open road. We can join an MC, by going
to the board and paying a hundred lindeys for some leather panties, Now why would he tell me to do something so randy? Oh wait no he didn't, 'cuz he don’t lie, so bye. heheh.. Well maybe we can all go and hit the club and entertain John with Tom's butt(Is this good John). He says he wants to watch only women, but soon he'll be schemin' for Tom in just a minute and me.

Chorus x2:
She a fiend for vanilla cream dream x6 'nilla cream dream va-vanilla cream dream. x2