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D.P.O Sacramento, California

I like music. I only make music I like. If you do not like it, I hope you find something you do like somewhere else. God bless you.

P.S - If you are ever lonely, in a dark place, or just need someone to talk to, I will always reply.
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Track Name: Brad Breeck - Slowdance (D.P.O Remix)
Dance with me my love, open up those wings.
Strap them to my back, let our bodies sing.
Radical flaunting of emotions, for you are my devotion.
Clouding my mind in ways, as if it floated into space.

Something id' never seen, beauty richer than the greens.
Im bouyous as an anchor, sinking in your love it seems.
You hold me strong and tight, never let me out of sight.
Im hoping that you're right, when you say we'll never die.

How slow life seemed, when you didnt love me.
Giving me adrenaline, oxygen like the trees.
Breathing in your essence, blinding by your presence.
Wait, is this all a dream? I was lost in thought it seems...